5th Degree Black Belt


Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and known as “the Maker of Champions”, Andre “Dedeco” Almeida is a keystone of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in New England. He began his jiu-jitsu career in 1986 and is a 5th degree black belt under pioneer Ricardo Liborio. Dedeco has dominated the competitive arenas of Brazil and America winning multiple championships at the highest levels. His passion for jiu-jitsu extends well beyond his own accolades and in 1996 he formed his own school and association, developing a world-class stable of competitors, mixed martial arts athletes and students across all ages and backgrounds interested in learning the art of BJJ.

In 2004, Dedeco brought his talents to Massachusetts and opened his school and headquarters at Weymouth. Since then he has built a network of associations and affiliates who have sought out Dedeco for his ability to bring out the utmost potential of students and competitors. Dedeco has worked tirelessly to instill in his students the belief of “skill above everything else” and his students know that “Strength and Progression” are not just words but a way of life involving the constant pursuit of improvement. His love of BJJ also led him to realize one of his life-long dreams in co-founding Origin, a company dedicated to bringing innovative products and handmade in the USA gis that are of the highest caliber.
There are few practitioners with the level of experience and knowledge of Master Dedeco and fewer still who maintain a daily presence in their own schools, actively teaching classes and training students directly.