Dear Dedeco and your staff,
I want to start off by saying Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for what you, Andrew , Johnnie and Mike have done for my son. You all have such great patience with him and he looks up to you and is so eager to learn what you teach him. Let me give you a bit of my son’s history and how far he has come. He has ADHD and sensory issues and this disability was almost taking him down a path I did not want to see him take. Until he came to you, This boy was always in fights he had no control over his sensory issues and it always turned into a fight. Instead of teaching him negative fighting you taught him how to control his body with positive fighting. Even his attitude has gone from negative energy to positive. I can see the control he has now, it is just amazing to see how far he has come. He is such a happier child and it makes me so happy to come to class and watch him move. As a mom it is wonderful to be able to bring your child somewhere that he loves to go. He has tried almost every sport and never stuck to it until we learned about this sport and how an impact it has made in our family. You are all like family to him and he feels that he belongs.
Which much Appreciation,

Julie / /