My name is Ryan Korzeniowski and it has been one of the great pleasures of my life to become part of the Best Way BJJ Family. I met Andre “Dedeco” Almeida in April of 2004 during the Pan Ams competition in CA. In visiting CA that weekend I didn’t have any idea that I had just found myself two families since I met my wife at the airport and Dedeco in the same weekend. After returning to Boston, I began training with Dedeco but was unable to continue to consistently train during the next few years as I was teaching full-time at South Boston High School and attending law school in the evenings. With long days and nights, I fell into horrific sleeping patterns with late night readings and a new child. I longed to come back and train jiu-jitsu but after several failed attempts couldn’t manage it with my schedule. During that time Dedeco never lost track of me even when I felt I had lost track of myself. He reached out to me and then he seamlessly brought me back to what I had loved and missed. I had a negative experience with my first instructor but when Dedeco told me I could trust him and he would look out for me – I believed him. He has never let me down. Over the years he has been my teacher, mentor and friend. As a professional educator I can attest that no matter what the field, many teachers will have the tendecy to be “the sage on the stage” and not be invested in each and every moment of their students’ learning. That is not the case with Dedeco and it is not the environment he cultivates or expects from his instructors. He is 100% invested in each and every student’s learning and when he stresses the Best Way motto of “Skill above everything else” it’s because he knows that the progressive build up of that skill takes time, confidence, patience and a guiding hand. The instruction at Best Way is second to none. If you walk in the doors and choose to be a student at Best Way you will not regret it and you will not be the same. If you are an athlete looking to be an active competitor, he’s nicknamed “The Champion Maker” for a reason. If you are looking to gain self-confidence, strength, flexibility and coordination come train at Best Way. If you are looking to lose weight or develop effective self-defense skills come to Best Way. If you want more energy, stress reduction and motivation come to Best Way. Most of all, if you want to be surrounded by quality people who are going to push you, motivate you and bring out the best in you while you enjoy a tremendous sense of camaraderie – come become a part of the Best Way family. It’s why I travel an hour to train at the Best Way HQ in Rockland; it’s why my 7 year-old son is enrolled and it’s why once you’ve enrolled you’ll never regret it.

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