On Saturday, June 1st Dedeco BJJ is honored to host another sold out Summer seminar with Master Ricardo Liborio.

Master Liborio is a BJJ World Champion, ADCC Veteran, and MMA coach. In March he received his coral belt at a special event in Brazil surrounded by the legends in the sport. We are thrilled that Master Liborio will be here for this year’s Summer Seminar and Adult Belt Promotion Ceremony.

Immediately following the seminar is the Adult Belt Promotion Ceremony.

Additionally, this special bi-annual event is a great way to support your teammates and also be inspired by them. Dedeco always has a way of putting into the words the challenges, hard work, and personal growth that come with a new rank. Celebrate your teammates’ achievements and our great BJJ family!

On Sunday, June 2nd please join us for a special open mat at 10am to benefit We Defy Foundation.

The We Defy Foundation supports combat veterans by providing access to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a way to cope with military connected disabilities. Minimum donation is $20 cash at the door, see an instructor or the front desk for credit card/venmo payments.

Building a new generation

We firmly believe in passing on our legacy to future generations. Therefore, the traditions that we have practiced through a lifetime of training are rooted in strong values. Which help us grow as responsible and mindful adults. Our kids and teens classes are designed to reinforce the virtues of self-discipline, self-control, persistence. And patience, teamwork, leadership, listening skills, and much more.

Our mission is to develop our students’ character. Which will help them navigate life. Additionally, we cultivate an environment where they are rewarded for their hard work, in a close-knit community that envisions learning as exciting and fun!

So don’t wait get started today and be the first to know when new seminars roll around!